Nelligala Temple, Kandy, Sri Lanka

Nelligala Temple Sumana Saman Statue

Nelligala Temple is situated in the town of Murutalawa, 700 km above sea level, 11 km from Kandy town and 7 km from Peradeniya town. Nelligala Temple which was begun in the year 2015 is a temple arranged on the highest point of the Nelligala rock which is encircled by the Alagalla, Hanthana, Hunnasgiriya, Batalegala and Atipala mountain ranges. Nelligala International Buddhist Center is a sacred place in the truest sense of the word.

Nelligala Temple Rock

The recently developed Sri Sumana Saman Deva sculpture in Sabaragamuwa adds one more quality to the hallowed region. Nelligala Sumana Saman sculpture is a position of love that everybody ought to go to. You can likewise honor the lofty and great sculpture of Master Sumana Saman, an Aryan pupil who worked at the Nelligala International Buddhist Center, mounted on a white elephant, a luxury vehicle, from the summit of Samantha Girihisa.

Nelligala Temple Buddha Statue

Distance from Kandy: 12.3 km (26 minutes)

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