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The Glasshouse Victoria Villa, Kandy, Sri Lanka

The Glasshouse Victoria, in current and open construction, uncovers a 240-degree perspective on over a section of land of supernatural woods, offers a terrific perspective on the beautiful Knuckles mountain range, over an infinity pool ignoring the Victoria Repository.

Designed by its English/Australian owners and built by a Swede, the villa is spacious with an open and raised principal living region. The villa is set in a serene and loosening-up climate, upset simply by a variety of birds, the flowing stream, and an overflow of trees drifting in the breeze.

Authentic Sri Lankan food focuses seasonally on what we have in our garden or in the area. The menu is supplemented with Western and Sri Lankan cuisine and the staff will always explore options with you, doing their best to cater to your own unique palette.

This exclusive, luxury villa is open lasting through the year and can be reserved as a total unit which is great for family trips or get-togethers with companions. If, then again you are searching for a heartfelt escape, or just a loosening up end of the week as a team, away from the hurrying around of the city, the Glasshouse is your optimal objective. With just 4 rooms to offer, it’s detached and superbly private, for people who are searching for some harmony and calm.

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