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Aprota Villas Arugambay, Sri Lanka

Luxury hotel in the gorgeous tropical swathes of Arugam Bay, Aprota Villas is endowed and strengthened by a vision to provide travel enthusiasts with a space where they can give in to their adventurous desires. Located close to all the tourist highlights, Aprota Villas make for an excellent accommodation choice for those who like the complete ensemble of luxury, adventure, comfort, and natural beauty!

The first consummate luxurious accommodation provider in Arugam Bay, Aprota Villas, is the perfect coming together of human architectural genius and the resplendent tropical beauty of Sri Lanka. Aprota Villas occupy a scenic land area of ten acres by the sea, with six chalets, six garden bunglows and four villas embellished with supreme architectural details to provide unreserved comfort. Sitting amidst the verdant greenery of Arugam Bay, Aprota Villas is an outstanding fusion of the movement of tropical modernism and novel international architectural design.

Chalets are outfitted with well-furnished rooms, bathrooms and decks, with an assembly of plunge pools, luxurious rooms, and bathrooms; the VVIP villa has an additional feature, a kitchenette, to ensure maximum comfort and convenience. The interiors of Aprota Villas is infused with warm and dark colours to moderate the region’s high temperatures, and all room designs are tinged with brown, blue, and grey to create a cosy and inviting space. With fine architectural details with proven logical implications, our exclusive accommodation offers our guests unprecedented levels of comforts imbued in the charms of a tropical paradise!

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